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About Place2Park

Place2Park has been created to make parking more affordable, more reliable, and more sustainable.

The Place2Park platform connects drivers with unused parking spaces, driveways and garages, listed by individuals and businesses across the UK.

Place2Park makes it easy for drivers to find and book parking in seconds - so they can save money, avoid stress and make smarter decisions, whilst helping parking owners and operators create an additional income or increase revenue. By securely managing payments and offering full support, we’re here to make finding a parking space simple, while helping the UK grow its parking network in a unique and sustainable way.

What we do

Can’t stop, won’t stop. We’re on a mission to make parking easier and, our journey has only just begun.


Place2Park helps drivers find and book their ideal parking space.

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Space Providers

Do you have a parking space or driveway that's sitting empty? Rent it out: help other drivers find parking, and earn yourself some cash too.

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We work with business owners across the UK and help them boost revenue from parking assets and under-utilised land, like unused parking spaces.

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