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What to do if you get a parking ticket

24 Feb 2022

In a bit of a shock due to some random parking ticket that you received? Well, there are various reasons as to how people can receive parking fines and some are more obvious than others. You may be completely oblivious as to why you even got the fine and how to appeal for it. Hence the reason for this article.

Despite parking tickets being a small amount for some and a huge amount for others, we can all agree that staying away from them is in everyone’s preference, which is why Place2Park has launched its service of providing affordable parking spaces so that you can avoid potential fines. It offers parking spaces at affordable prices so you can avoid paying expensive parking tickets and more importantly save yourself the worry of facing exorbitant parking fines.

What are the different types of parking tickets?

 Parking fines can be divided into 3 different categories; these categories let you determine from whom you received your fine. Keep in mind that fines don’t always revolve around the same reasons and can differ depending on who gives them:

1.  Penalty Charge Notices(PCN): Penalty Charge Notices are issued by parking attendants that are appointed by the local council. These types of parking fines are very common considering that these parking attendants work up to 15 hours a day to find cars that are parked in the wrong places.

 Luckily though, in 2015, a new law was introduced by the government, which was “The 10 minute grace period.” This law essentially suggested that it was illegal for a parking attendant to issue a fine without 10 minutes of observing the car in that “incorrect” place. That doesn't, however, mean that it is okay to park in an unauthorized spot when you know that you will be back within 10 minutes. Since, by doing so, you could face other potential consequences such as building a bad impression of yourself in the eyes of the local parking attendants.


2.   Parking Charge Notices (PCN): These parking tickets are given by private landowners. For instance, if you park at a Euro Garages parking space, for longer than you are allowed, you could be handed one of these. For this reason, it is best to book a parking space prior to setting off for your journey via Place2Park


3.   Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs): FPNs are parking tickets that are issued by traffic officers that are employed by the local police force. Compared to the two mentioned above, they are a little uncommon. However, they are unfixed (which is a little strange considering that they are called ‘“Fixed” penalty notices). This essentially means that the amount that you have to pay depends on the leniency of the one issuing it. 

 The average cost of a parking ticket

Parking fines in the UK aren’t always the same but vary depending on certain factors such as where it was issued and/or who it was issued by. 

The average parking fine in the UK ranges from £40-90. However, if it’s from a private landowner it could be as much as £100. 

The Council of London has made its parking laws a little more harsh than others; a parking fine in London can be anywhere between £80-160 depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Cities outside London tend to charge less. However, even those vary depending on the relevant laws issued by that respective council. 

A good rule of thumb is to pay the parking fine within the first 14 days. In doing so, half of the amount will be deducted from your fine as it will be reduced by 50%. Therefore, rather than trying to fight your case (and possibly not winning), you’re better off paying half the fine within the first 2 weeks.

How do you appeal for a parking ticket?

If you feel that you do not deserve a parking ticket and have solid evidence to back you up, sending an appeal to your local council/police department may be the best option for you. Before doing so, it is best to first make sure that you are not in the wrong. 

When appealing, having solid evidence such as relevant pictures and documents will give you an upper hand. In addition to that, points in your appeal should be applicable and appropriate in order to stand a chance of having your parking ticket reversed. According to a government website, some of the appropriate reasons include:

•   You got a Parking Charge Notice more than 14 days after the parking incident

•   You were parked correctly

•   There was no way to pay

•   You couldn’t get back to your car  

Once you have your letter written, send it to your local council/police department and wait. If it isn’t answered within the first 14 days, it’s best to pay the amount to take advantage of the 50% “discount” as it will not be applicable later on. If the appeal isn’t answered in 56 days, the parking ticket has to be cancelled and any clamp fees will be refunded too.

What happens if you don’t pay a parking ticket?


If you don’t pay your parking ticket within the initial 28 days of receiving it, you have 2 weeks to pay the fine with an extra 50%. Yikes!

If you don’t pay this amount either, then don’t expect things to go your way. By ignoring the fine for the second time, you're indirectly inviting the court to get involved which will result in you forcefully having to pay along with losing points on your driver's license. Keep in mind, if you lose 12 points on your driver's license your license could be suspended.

Tips to avoid a parking ticket

Following the tips mentioned above will ensure that you no longer have to worry about facing those parking fines. Moreover, you should now have a good idea of what you should do when receiving a parking fine. That includes knowing how to write an appeal when the fine payment deadline is and when the best time to pay it is.

Remember, if you want to avoid all these potential fines and take this stress off your shoulder, it is best to try out place2park which is a service where you can book parking spots, in the location you want, at an affordable price.